Using The Site

There are essentially two menus for navigating the BrightBeer website - the horizontal menu bar running across each page (below the BrightBeer banner) which takes you to the products, brands, registration and contact pages, and the vertical menu to the left of each page which is divided into two sections offering help and information with the site and either the main product categories or brands according to an initial selection from the horizontal menu bar (see below: Finding A Product).    

To get to the Products (Home) page from anywhere in the site, click Products on the menu bar or click on the BrightBeer banner.

Finding A Product
You can either find the products you are looking for by navigating through product categories and groups, brands and ranges, or by using the search box.


To find an item by navigating through the product categories or brands, click on either Products or Brands in the horizontal menuH bar to go to the beginning of the entire store, or click on a specific category or brand under Products or Brands in the vertical menu bar (to the left of most pages). Product groups or ranges appear underneath each category or brand as a category or brand is selected. Click on each of these groups or ranges in turn to find what you are looking for. Logged on users will see pack sizes and store pages which appear at the end of each item's short description.

To search for specific items, enter a word, phrase or item code in the Search Box (near the top left of each page), click the Go button or press enter on your keyboard. You can enter up to 3 search words or phrases. Matching items appear as a list.

To change the currency displayed, click on a currency symbol on the far right of the horizontal menu bar. We can display prices in GB Pounds, Euros or Dollars (used as an approximate comparison only).

Viewing Prices, Logging On & New On-Line Accounts
To view prices, pack sizes and store pages you must set up an on-line account with us and receive an account code and password (supplied by us by telephone or email after signing up). To go to the Logon page, click My Account on the horizontal menu bar. Please enter your account code and password and click on the Logon button. Please note both account codes and passwords are case sensitive.

If you have not signed up for an on-line account, click on the Sign Up For An On-Line Account link on the Logon page where you will be redirected to the New On-Line Account page. Please fill out your details including your billing address. Once you have clicked the Submit button, we will receive your details and subsequently issue an account code and password by telephone or email.

We ask you only to enter those details required for new account processing and to allow us to inform you of our services.

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