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OWN A PIECE OF BRIGHTBEER!  BrightBeer needs YOU to crowdfund the second phase of its ground breaking project!  We've designed, licenced and had manufactured our first set of BrightBeer Store250™ brewing and serving tanks. We have a master brewer, exclusive recipes and ALL the code for our VERY OWN BrightBeer BeerStore™ retail cloud platform. We need YOUR help to fund the first 'bricks and mortar' beer store, to sell many styles of fresh, craft beer.  INVESTORS JUMP START PHASE II RIGHT HERE!

Small Batch Brewery & Retail Platform


BrightBeer has designed and is has had built under its manufacturing licence the BrightBeer® Store250™ tank range for commercial, small scale brewing and beer serving. These tanks are suitable for delis, cafés, bars, clubs or as a pilot brewery in a larger operation.

A set of BrightBeer® Store250™ tanks will be used to brew a wide range of beer styles in bottle for sale as: reference beers for tasting; commissions; general public consumption via the internet; to assist the contract brewing of BrightBeer's beers for increased availability. Further, these same tanks will be used for the brewing of a 'showcase' or 'brand instance' to demonstrate what can be done for the small store. BrightBeer will expand on this concept in the following offering to you.

The first BrightBeer® Store250™ tanks have been built and installed!

BrightBeer is building a retail cloud platform of beer and brewing services including a BrightBeer® BeerStyler™ for retailers & event hosts, a BrightBeer® TasteCommunicator™ for tasters, a BrightBeer® RecipeDesigner™ for brewers and a BrightBeer® BeerStore™ for the sale of beer and brewing equipment.

The BrightBeer retail cloud platform is being built!

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