Contract Brewing

Retailer & Event Host Pairing

Brewers can subscribe to the BrightBeer® RecipeDesigner™ For Brewers to design beers for 3rd parties. Brewers can also advertise surplus production capacity and schedule availability so they can pair with retailers and event hosts. There are tools and resources for brewing calculations and brewing conversions.

Pilot Brewing

BrightBeer offers a 3rd party recipe design and pilot brewing service.

Advertise Capacity

You can Advertise Contract Brewing Capacity on BrightBeer's website according to capacity available and dates. Please feel free to Drop Us A Line.


The royalty for making use of BrightBeer's recipes is on a sliding scale according to the volume brewed per month i.e. the more you brew, the lower the monthly charge e.g. using the calculator, 25 hectolitres at the rate of £5 per hectolitre would be £125 + VAT.

HL Per Month  Royalty Per HL £7.00 (Royalty Per Month £70.00) 
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